亲 (qīn) Dear


"亲 (qīn) Dear" is a special word used as a greeting in Taobao sales transactions. Actually, "亲 (qīn) dear" is short for "亲爱的(qīn’ài de) dear." "亲 (qīn) Dear" which is used by Taobao sellers means "亲爱的顾客 (qīn’ài de gùkè) dear customer" or "亲爱的朋友 (qīn’ài de péngyou) dear friend." In this way, not only will the sellers build trust when doing business online, but they will also create a very harmonious shopping atmosphere. The word "亲 (qīn) dear" helps the sellers create very friendly images, and some customers even call the sellers "亲 (qīn) dear" back.


Now, "亲 (qīn) dear" is not only used on the internet, people today use this greeting in daily life, for example: "亲,能帮我个忙吗?(Qīn, néng bāng wǒ ge máng ma?) Dear, could you please do me a favor?" Using the word "亲 (qīn) dear" can make relations more friendly and casual. Today, you also can see "亲 (qīn) dear" frequently used in TV shows and other types of popular media.


        Qīn, nǐjuéde zhè tiáo qúnzi zěnmeyàng?
Lisa: 亲,你觉得 这   条    裙子  怎么样?

        Dear, how about this dress?

        Wǒ hěn xǐhuan, jiàqián yě piányi.
Anne: 我很    喜欢, 价钱    也  便宜。

        I love it, and this dress is also very cheap.