The Lantern Festival falls on the 15th day of the 1st lunar month,usually in February or March.As early as the Han Dynasty,it had become a festival.People will eat rice dumplings on this day.Rice dumpling in Chinese is yuánxiāo or tāngyuán.tāngyuán sounds similar with tuanyuan,which means reunion.It tastes sweet and delicious.The most important activity is watching lanterns.Diffierent kinds of lanterns are hung in the streets. Some lanterns have riddles inside.If you know the answer you can get a prize.


Some words about Lantern Festival

Lantern Festival          元宵节  yuánxiāo jié

enjoy lantern show     看灯会  kàn dēnghuì

guess lantern riddles   猜灯谜 cāi dēngmí

eat rice dumpling        吃汤圆   chī tāngyuán